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Social Responsible Investing

You don’t need to abandon ethics to make good financial decisions….invest with vision.

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What Socially Responsible services are provided?
As the owner of Oracle Financial Planners, I provide provide all the same services for Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) as are available for non-SRI investors including comprehensive financial planning with your values in mind: investments, insurance, mortgages, estate planning, and 401k management.

How can we work together to incorporate SRI and traditional investing?
SRI adds a third major variable to investors who otherwise focus on risk relative to return. Some people have very specific ideas about how they would like their investments to be socially responsible, while other people know that they want to be more ethical in their investments but aren’t as clear about how to do that. As the owner of Oracle Financial Planners, I begin with a discussion with you about your SRI related goals and incorporate those goals into the asset allocation and portfolio management that we agree on.

Client Centered

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

The Social Investment Forum describes Socially Responsible Investing as "integrating personal values and societal concerns with investment decisions. SRI considers both the investor’s financial needs and an investment’s impact on society. With SRI, you can put your money to work to build a better tomorrow while earning competitive returns today. Three key SRI strategies have evolved over the years: Screening, Shareholder Advocacy, Community Investment and Social Venture Capital."

One way that I describe SRI to people is to say that I want my children and their children to have a higher standard of living than I do. Of course, that means doing everything in my power to help them live full and meaningful lives. Having money enough so that they don’t need to struggle is one way to help them. Another is to make sure that the world’s resources are at least as available to them as they are today, including social and environmental resources.

The famous management consultant and business writer, Peter Drucker, may have described the role of Socially Responsible Investing best when he said "Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society – its world view, its basic values, is social and political structures, it arts, its key institutions – rearranges itself…We are currently living through such a transformation."

If SRI appeals to you and you would like to explore socially responsible investing, contact us at 651-442-0465 or