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Welcome to Oracle Financial Planners LLC

The ancient Greeks trusted the Oracle at Delphi to see into their futures and guide their decisions. On their coins, they celebrated the goddess Athena’s wisdom and foresight with the image of an owl. Now, at Oracle Financial Planners LLC, these symbols again come together to represent advice given with vision and wisdom.

As the founder of Oracle Financial Planners, John Severy-Hoven prides himself on assisting clients in every aspect of their financial lives so that they can prepare for what their future holds -- retirement, children’s education, buying a new home. John helps you build and maintain your financial vision toward the future, your future.

Personal Finance Newsletter

We are happy to offer a personal finance newsletter to clients and friends. We work to keep you informed with the most up to date topics in the business. Click here to view current and past newsletters from Oracle Financial Planners LLC.